Global reaching international trading company,

Global Gangwon Trade Co.,Ltd.

This is Global Gangwon Trade Co.,Ltd. representative Han, Sang Un.

Global Gangwon Trade Co.,Ltd. was established to export outstanding products of small, medium businesses of Gangwon province to the world including China, Russia, and Southeast Asia. Major export items are female-owned business, small and medium business products in Gangwon province, and by exporting those products with great quality, we become the pioneering international trading company that revive economy of Gangwon province, and find an overseas market for businesses within the province.

“Double Happiness, Double Income, Gangwon province is the land of hope.” I believe the slogan is the goal and hope sure be reached by residents of Gangwon province. Therefore, as our company motto “Try my best to seek the best” says, Global Gangwon Trade Co.,Ltd. will try every employee’s best to find excellent products of small, medium businesses in Gangwon province, and find overseas market for export.

September 1st, 2014! Global Gangwon Trade Co.,Ltd., established to find overseas markets for businesses of Gangwon province, wishes senior executives to support and guide us to prove our true worth.

Lastly, for newly starting Global Gangwon Trade Co.,Ltd., I pray to God for protection.

Vision of Global Gangwon Trade Co., Ltd.

We select excellent products of small, medium sized business that are possible to export and to provide products continuously among 130 companies from Korean Businesswomen’s Federation, Gangwon branch members and 150 companies from Wonderful Gangwon members, and find new overseas markets for export through overseas marketing.

Among existing married female immigrants, we hire Chinese, Russian, and Southeast Asians immigrants to analyze the markets of their countries, and create the backgrounds for overseas marketing.

When selecting export items among 30 companies from Korean Businesswomen’s Federation, Gangwondo branch members and 150 companies from Wonderful Gangwon members, our company can make a contract with the selected company representatives, and execute overseas marketing for export.

CI Introduction
  • The company logo of 「Global Gangwon Trade Co.,Ltd.」 embodies globe shape image to symbolize a global international trading company.
  • In the center of the embodied globe image, we put Republic of Korea among the five sea and six continents of the earth.
  • “G” alphabet, which circles the outer globe, means Global and Gangwon.